What people have said about us


It’s great work the group is doing – good on you!
— Professor Andrew Bennett, La Trobe University and Arthur Rylah Institute. 

I attended the ‘Linking Landscapes Symposium’ that you organised and just wanted to say what an outstanding event it was, bringing together leading conservation scientists and many people with so much practical and effective experience in these fields... its was an inspirational day and I believe many of us have learnt and taken away much information and knowledge that will be put into positive effect in the future
— Sue Chivers, Ashborne Landcare Group.

I am not an expert in this area and need specific advice in developing and monitoring and evaluating projects…Central Victorian Biolinks Alliance could help with this.
— Michael Moore, Chair Wedderburn Conservation Management Network

I’ve really grabbed with both hands the science-based information presented at the Linking Landscape Symposium.  The CSIRO formula for linking habitat is an important new tool.  It means my Landcare Group can easily do a desktop analysis of remnant habitat and, applying the CSIRO rule, see where we can easily link habitat.  It also offers real flexibility.  We don’t need a hugely detailed plan, we just start with existing patches of bush and link them using ‘stepping-stone’ trees in paddocks.  It really gives us something to work from that could have big benefits and it gives us the confidence to get started straight way.
— Alan Denehey, Ashbourne Landcare Group 

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